Hand Shifter Kit - Grenade

This kit includes a bitching machined aluminum hand grenade with a spring-loaded lever that operates a momentary switch so that the lever can be used to operate one electric component (e.g. line lock, flame thrower, starter, horn, high beam or whatever). Of course, you do not have to use the button if you just need an awesome shift knob. The grenade has a 1/2.20 female thread and also included is a 9" threaded steel shift rod. This rod is hollow to allow you to run your wiring through the shift rod to exit cleanly at the base. We typically cut off the stock Harley shift arm and weld the HD splined piece directly to the end of our rod, but of course this kit can be used in countless custom applications. Grenade is supplied unassembled (second image) as the switch needs to be wired prior to final assembly.