Monster Drag Pipes for custom applications


Our Monster Pipes feature heavy 16 gauge steel tubing and measure a true 2.5" in diameter. The 1.75" header pipe continues inside the larger outer body to maximize scavenging pressure resulting in significant performance gains and reduced discoloration. Each set includes removable louvered-core baffles with billet aluminum end tips.

These are our 'builders' pipes; they are supplied in raw steel, with the baffles included but not installed. The front pipe has a captive nut welded in place but the rear pipe is shipped with a separate captive nut as the rear mounting bracket position on any project is likely to differ greatly between rigids and Softails. They will certainly bolt up to your evo engine, but any other clearance or fitment questions you will have to figure out for yourself by looking at the images of the bikes on our site.

These Pipes are not legal for sale to California.