Chopper Gas Tank Kit

This kit supplies all the components needed to make one of our killer Chopper GasTanks. The tank shell is an over-size Sportster-style stamping measuring 16" long, 14" wide and 8" tall. We use this tank full-size on our Discovery Trike and CrossBones HotRods, we narrow it by 2" for THE Chopper and Brown Pearl, and we narrow it 2" plus lower the front and extend the rear to create the Pure Sex Dragster tank. It is available with either a low or high rounded tunnel (2" wide) and in either case it will be supplied with flush-mounting blocks with bushings and frame straps (tunnel and base-plates are supplied, but not 'notched' as shown). Alternatively the kit can be supplied with a square tunnel designed to bolt to the back bone of a TwinCam Softail frame. Choice of stainless steel pop-up gas cap or screw-in low-profile aluminum cap (each supplied with appropriate weld-in bung). Choice of 22mm (HD) threaded petcock bung or weld-in steel mounting plate for Harley 75268-07F fuel pump (pump available separately).