Exile Mini Button

New for 2021 is this sexy little button. It measures only 1/2" in diameter and 1/4" tall and is completely encased in silicon, with a full 72" of bonded red/black 20G wire. An integral 'O-ring shoulder' holds it in place in one of our many mount or grip options (more coming soon), but it can be mounted in any flat-bottomed 0.5"x0.2" hole using a dab of adhesive. It functions as a momentary ON switch but can be used with a variety of different relays to control almost anything. It is most commonly used as a set of 4 in conjunction with our "5x4" Switch Control Module, which allows 4 buttons to control turn signals, horn, Hi/Lo AND starter. Simply hold down the Hi/Lo button and press the horn button to engage the starter. Also great for use on late model bikes to activate the CAN/Bus controllers offered on our site. By far the cleanest, most minimal way to handle your switching needs whilst retaining great functionality! (4 pack includes 36" gloss black heat shrink).