The original beefy bars, these beautiful 1¼" stainless steel bars have been on every Exile since day one. Smaller looks wimpy, larger looks silly - these are the perfect size. Four basic styles are offered as shown in the image. Top to bottom: HighBars (16"), WideBars, SportyBars, and DragBars. If you order you bars online you will simply get the raw 1.25" stainless steel bar in the size and shape as shown in photo stepped down to  a 7" length of 1" diameter 'end-section' on either end. The levers, risers and grips shown in the photo are simply to demonstrate some options. All bars except DragBars routinely come with a 'wiring slot' positioned between the risers. If you want something more custom then you will need to contact us to place the order. Available options include:

Integral Risers

Internal Throttle

Left Twist Assembly

Integral perches & levers

Hidden Switches

Alternative height (HighBars) or width.

Different finishes (polished, powder-coat)