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Our friend Kevin is a certified metallurgist as well as a very talented fabricator and mechanic. He built this awesome machine around 2006 from one of our Complete Bike Kits, which means every part was supplied by Exile Cycles. It features all the usual good stuff, including Exile rigid frame (6" stretch, 32 degree), Total Performance 113” engine, Jim’s six speed transmission, 3" belt primary, 6" over SJP front-end - plus custom cast-iron air cleaner cover and hand-laced leather seat. The cool 3/4" rivets in tank, fender and air-cleaner cover really give it some attitude! In the photos, the bike sports a 230 rear tire and a beefy 150 front, but it also comes with a matching 21" Exile Monster Wheel so you can easily change up the look. It has a clean SD title. The bike is in fantastic condition and has around 10,000 miles. I've actually ridden it myself so I can fully attest to the fun factor! This beauty is offered for the surprisingly low (but firm) price of $22,000.