Internal Throttle Assembly - SMALL


This version of our Internal Throttle Assembly offers a smaller diameter twist-sleeve that has been developed for use with the popular after-market billet grips that typically replace the stock throttle tube instead of fitting over it. Thee grips typically have the cable attachment points at the end of the right grip. When using a billet grip (as opposed to a rubber grip) it will be necessary to use a set screw or some other means to anchor the grip to the internal throttle twist-sleeve. The Internal Throttle Assembly is generally supplied for use with stock 1" handlebar tubing, but other handlebar insert diameters can be requested. Note that all aftermarket 'large diameter' bars have 1" tubing end sections - the diameter of the 'main' part of the bar is irrelevant to your throttle choice.

Made in the USA and beautifully engineered with a smooth, roller-bearing action, this kit is the best available.