Mid-Control Mounts for TwinCam Softails


These clever brackets are designed to provide a sturdy mounting point to mount Dyna mid-controls to a TwinCam Softail frame (not Rocker or BreakOut). The threaded rod unifies left and right mount preventing any chance of the clamp rotating. Some customers leave their forward controls in place and simply use these to mount a mid-control set of pegs to allow for a change of leg position. To complete a mid-control installation you will need to supply Dyna foot controls and a Dyna inner and outer primary case if running a closed primary (available for 6-speed only). You will also need our shift rod for mid-controls and our rear master cylinder with brake rod for mid-controls (unless you are handling these items another way). Remember, if you remove your foot controls you will also lose your kickstand, so consider our clamp-on kickstand assembly.

NOTE there are no Dyna cases that fit 5-speed TwinCam Softails, so the only way to run mid-controls with a closed primary on a 5-speed is to modify your existing primary and install a shift shaft bushing.