Short Trojan Fender


Named after a condom because it fits the tire like a second skin. These are supplied as full half-circle fenders, but heavy 14 gauge steel construction allows them to be trimmed to any desired length or shape. 27" overall diameter allows for perfect tire-to-fender clearance.

Short Trojan fenders have the side-wall cut at a 21.5" diameter circle so the edge of the fender follows the edge of the tread on most tires (Avon 15/60/230 tire shown).

These fenders are available in widths from 8" to 11". We typically use 10.5" width on bikes we build with 230, 240 or 250 tires. If the width you want is not available for purchase here we will make one to special-order for a $100 up-charge. Call us to place that order.