THE Chopper

$35,000.00 $65,000.00

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This particular "THE Chopper" was built for a customer back in 2006. It was only lightly used and still had the original tires on it when I got the opportunity to buy it for myself a couple of years ago. This has always been my favorite of the classic "Exile" models and I was stoked to get one back in my garage.  I went through the whole bike - with new tires, belt, battery, pipewrap, etc., etc. Rebuilt the calipers and MC. Complete fluid change and service. The bike looks and rides like new! Enjoyed putting a few miles on it last summer. The photo below was taken at Born Free in June '23. I got Lydia on the road in the fall and so I sold this beauty 6 months ago - but the new owner now finds himself with a great real estate investment opportunity and needs to liquidate whatever he can! So this beauty is now offered for sale. Clean OR title. All the usual Exile goodies, including Total Performance 121 cubic inch engine and JIMS 6-speed transmission. Please call or email me for more information.